Water Works


Purple Pipe Landscape and Water Services charges for the cost of delivering and applying high quality non-potable water and a large percentage of that cost is the time it takes us to irrigate.  However, we have developed a few different options for more efficient irrigation.  If you have a large property, need your backyard irrigated, or just don't want anyone coming onto your property, ask us about installing "Purple Pipes" or an automated distribution system and you may be eligible for large savings off the delivery rate.

There are many ways to apply delivered water via water truck, but at each location, we try to recommend the most suitable and cost effective solution.  In general, the simplest, but least cost effective way, is to have a one or two man crew irrigate directly off the water truck with various length hoses.  Then, when the customer is ready to take the next step and prime their property for the water truck, Purple Pipe Landscape and Water Services (CL#1033645) designs and builds (or retrofits) irrigation systems which the truck can then plug into each time it arrives. This brings down our time on site, resources utilized, and thus the overall cost to our clients.

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