If there is no immediate prospect of your property being connected to regional purple pipeline, then the most cost-effective option for using non-potable water over the long-term is to install a water storage tank or cistern on your property with an automated water conveyance system.  Attached to the tank would be a hidden truck fill-pipe adaptation (or we can modify an existing rain-catchment system) to accept reclaimed water year-round from the water truck on an as needed basis.  At this time, due to state regulations, Purple Pipe Landscape and Water Services is permitted to fill tanks with groundwater although it is possible that we can get your system permitted for recycled water as well.  Purple Pipe Landscape and Water Services (CL#1033645) has the ability to modify or design and install truck fill-pipes to automated irrigation systems without cross-contamination issues and in compliance with California’s state rules and regulations (titles 17 & 22).  We have the future goal of streamlining the engineering and permitting process in accordance with state and local regulations.

For our lowest variable rates, and least invasive delivery, we have strategic partners whom can set up your water system for automated conveyance via an irrigation controllers and actuated valves.  Sometimes this means running a separate closed loop system, but in many cases we have the ability to modify existing infrastructure to make it titles 17 & 22 compliant with no cross-contamination possibilities.