The Purple Pipe


There are a few options for applying delivered water.  The simplest, but least cost effective way over the long run, is to have a one or two man crew irrigate directly off the water truck with various length hoses.  When you're ready to take the next step, and prime your property for the water truck, we can design and build/retrofit irrigation systems which the truck can then plug into each time it arrives.  This brings down our time on site, resources utilized, and thus the overall cost to our clients.  It also makes delivery less invasive, because it drastically reduces the amount of hoses required.  In general, a hidden port near the street leads to a purple PVC pipe which then disperses the water via pressure from the water truck, further onto the property.  This eliminates the need to roll out long hoses each visit.  Sort of like a building standpipe for a firetruck, the purple pipe acts like an installed hose extension.  The feed of water could then be picked up in the backyard at another port where a crew member could attach a short hose and use it as a watering station.