What we do…

The Purple Pipe Company can help you find solutions for all of your water needs.  We offer a variety of services to irrigate residential properties with non-potable water.  Even though this past year was rainy, California is not out of the woods in regard to our drought and overall water conservation.  As time goes by, water is indeed becoming a commodity.  You can do your part by utilizing non-potable water on your property's landscaping.  Examples of these waters include tertiary recycled water from City of Palo Alto’s Water Regional Water Quality Control Plant (soon to have 4th stage reverse osmosis treated water) or reclaimed groundwater which we recapture after its been pumped out of the ground for basement construction within the Palo Alto area.  

Purple Pipe Water Services delivers recycled water and/or reclaimed groundwater for landscape use at residential properties in Palo Alto and its surrounding cities.  We "go the final mile" by extending reclaimed water sources, such as the regional recycled water purple pipelines, to end users via 2,000 - 2,500 gallon water trucks.  We adapt our type of irrigation service and watering schedule based upon a property's layout & accessibility, the amount of water needed, resources available, and any other special considerations such as "neighbor share."  Our goal is to deliver high quality reclaimed water and applying it to lawns, trees, yards, and landscapes in an affordable, efficient, and minimally invasive way.  

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We offer a free on site custom evaluation for your property needs.  We will not hard sell you on anything you are not interested in.  Schedule an appointment and one of our crew leads will come and assess your property to see what makes sense.  We will go over typical costs and answer any questions you may have.  We will then create a custom proposal for you free of charge.  

Please contact us or sign-up on the free estimate page to schedule a free consultation.





Examples of our Residential Services:


Reclaimed Water/Groundwater Hand Irrigation  -  1x, 2x, or 3x per week

We can come and irrigate your property manually via quick couple hoses from our truck.  We also have our own special “purple pipe” line that we can set up on your property. This allow us to cover more terrain on your property as well as provides a less invasive way to maneuver our hoses in and around your property without causing damages to your plants and ground work.

  • Two man crew hand spray application, scheduled subscription service* (1x - 3x) per week for as low as $20/visit


* weather policy:  If it has been raining (>0.25" in the past 24 hours or so), the ground is wet, i.e. the plants don't need the water, then we will call it a "rain day" and you won't be charged.  When irrigating by hand, we try to cover all specified areas with at least 0.5" of soil penetration with focus on thirsty plants in need of water, unless otherwise requested.



Installing a Water Storage Tank with Fill Pipe

This is our bread and butter service.  Water storage tanks with fill pipe adaptations are the perfect solution for the ultimate water savvy customer!  We partner to install above-ground water tanks or below-ground cisterns on your property, which can connect to your irrigation system for automated water distribution system.  During the rainy season, this system can double as a rain-harvester to catch and hold water for future usage.  Upon the dry season, Purple Pipe will be there to service your deliveries of reclaimed water and ground water.  Special: Install a water storage tank on your property and get 1 free month of water delivery from Purple Pipe!

  • If you already have a rainwater catchment system, water storage tank, or cistern on your property... or if you would like us to design and install one, we can schedule you for a dry season groundwater refills on an as needed basis for as little as $75/truckload.


  • In general, rain-catchment/non-potable water storage tanks and cisterns and system equipment should have scheduled maintenance in the dry-season (or before/after the rainy season). Tanks should be cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions. In many cases. this is every 3 - 5 years. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation and we will calculate a quote for system maintenance and/or cleaning service.



Deep Soaks for Trees

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Purple Pipe Water Services deep soaks trees in need of water.  It's best to consult with an arborist, but if your trees are thirsty and need extra water, we can schedule a time to "deep soak" them.  For trees, we like to use groundwater because, in general, it has lower TDS (total dissolved solids) levels.  If your trees are large and established, then there is a good chance that their roots have been seeking out and drinking this water in the first place.  When soaking trees, we keep the water in a ring formation underneath the tree's canopy and away from the trunk.  It can be difficult to effectively deep water certain trees like this due to run-off issues so we do offer other solutions.  Some soils are very clay-like/hydrophobic and don't accept the water very well.  If the tree is located on a slope, it could be hard for the soil to retain the water.  When possible, we will go over things once and then let the water settle in a bit... then repeat this process until the soil is less hydrophobic and the water settles in a little better.  In certain instances, it might make sense to install a deep water fill pipe, or if you're trying to save a tree, schedule an overnight 1000 - 2000 gallon slow drip.  For more information please see our tree soak page.


  • Deep tree soaks can be as low as $50 and full tank 2,000+ gallon overnight slow drip irrigation as low as $175.


  • For information on the composition of recycled water and groundwater, please refer to our notes on water quality.



Responsible Swimming Pool Draining

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Purple Pipe Water Services has the ability to drain swimming pools for maintenance, repairs, etc and, as long as all chlorine/chemicals have dissipated, reuse the water for landscaping purposes such as on lawns and grasses.  We simply charge for the time it takes to distribute the water in a meaningful way (unless otherwise specified).  Discounts may apply if you know of someone else nearby whom might be interested in taking the water (possibly for use in their water storage tank or cistern).