delivery & Irrigation rates


Please fill out an information form on the "free estimate" page.  We will contact you to set up a time to review your property in person.  At that point, we will estimate the cost of future deliveries based upon i.)  your distance from a water source  ii.)  the size and accessibility of your property  iii.)  the amount of water needed  iv.)  other considerations such as "neighbor share."

In general, The Purple Pipe Company supplements recycled water and/or reclaimed groundwater into a traditional irrigation schedule of potable water on lawns, gardens, and landscapes.   In most residential cases, we set up a watering schedule where we will come out to your home once or twice per week.  Front yards can be as low as $20 per visit and tank filling for as low as $60 per truckload of water.  As we get a feel for your property, we will bring you ideas to make delivery less invasive and reduce the time it takes for delivery based upon your property.  Essentially, the price is based upon how long it takes us to deliver water and apply it to your plants properly.  Setting up the site beforehand with purple pipe or a water storage tank should help us bring down watering times and, thus, pass the cost-savings on to you.

Tell your neighbors to sign up for "Neighbor Share" and you may be eligible for savings off the delivery rate!


 Please contact us for details.


For info regarding terms and conditions please see the following link:  terms of service