The Purple Pipe Company


The Purple Pipe Company was founded in 2015 to provide potable water consumers an affordable and efficient way to irrigate their landscapes with recycled or reclaimed water.  Operating in Palo Alto and its surrounding areas, the company extends sources of reclaimed water, such as a recycled water pipeline, to residents, municipalities, and commercial users, via water trucks. 

Purple Pipe trucks obtain “tertiary” recycled water from the Palo Alto Water Quality Control Plant, or reclaimed groundwater from basement de-watering sites.  The cost and water delivery schedule is tailored to the end-user based upon (i) distance from a water source (ii) size and accessibility of property (iii) amount of water needed (iv) resources or special considerations.

Options for reclaimed water are to (a) irrigate from truck with a one or two-man crew (b) connect to a pre-installed purple pipe irrigation network (c) install a fill pipe with truck adaption to a dual-source storage tank or cistern which can also be filled using a rain-catchment system.